Solidarity with our city Ravenna

Our names are Aysegul and Elvina. We are volunteers here in Ravenna from Turkey
and North Macedonia. Our experience as volunteers here in Ravenna have been
excellent, up until now.
These past few days in Emilia – Romagna area have been misfortunate for all the
citizens of the area, including us. Few days ago there were news and all people (living
in Emilia – Romagna area) were warned that a storm was coming.
The storm lasted these past 2 days (as of the writing of this article) and surely, but
sadly left it’s consequences here. Because of all the raining that happened, lost of
rivers and lakes overflowed, which resulted in floods in few cities. Most of the
residents of those cities were left homeless, because their houses and apartments
were flooded. In these floods sadly 2 people died and 4 are missing. Mayors and
administrators work together relentlessly to save and aid the population.
Unfortunately, this storm also affected us and our working schedule.
All the schools have been closed, as well as some working companies.
As volunteers this storm also stopped our work. Our activities as volunteers vary, we
sometimes do work in office, but most of the time our obligations require us to travel
around the city to different places, and also to nearby towns. Yesterday we remained
in our homes and didn’t do any activity, because the storm was extreme. The storm is
supposed to be ungoing at least two more days, which resulted in the scholls bneing
closed tomorrow as well.
As our closing statement we can only wish that everyone gets better and situated.
Don’t go out if not necessary and stay safe in your homes!


Elvina and Ayse

Volunteers from European Solidarity Corps in Ravenna167845898145364645c1dd7f0desc